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First of all, We are grateful to other Muslim projects for inspiring us to create this tremendous space for our community but we don’t think it’s enough, we need bigger and better place for our own community where it is safe for each and every one of us to thrive and prosper, where it will ignite our dreams and passion without boundaries, where we will be known for our contributions and accomplishments, where we will be known for who we are.

We are Coreibytes Inc.– a team of nerds, achievers, and dreamers; a well-established software company based in the USA (NY & TX), Finland, and Bangladesh. After working on numerous NFT and Crypto projects for our clients, this is our time to start our own journey to the metaverse. Our project ties three biggest components together to achieve the audacious dream we have been pursuing.

Stay with us, and you will enjoy the prosperous ride!

To Learn More visit the Nifty Muslim website on the link below